Tim T: 3-2-12

Recently secured a great rental property in Waltham through Jon @ Shilalis real estate. Timely on appointments and knowledgeable about the property the process was easy and painless. Family friendly too which means a lot. I will be refering any future business here.

Maurice: 2-26-12

It's not easy when you are looking for a new place to call home. It seems that the majority of folks out there in the Real Estate game are just in it for the most $$. They don't call back, and as many times as you tell them what you want they still take you to see dumps. It's like they just don't care what the customer wants.

This is NOT the case with Jon @ Shilalis RE. This dude is super professional and really LISTENS! I would highly recommend him whether you are looking for that next McMansion or just a long-term lease. Jon is your man.And he is willing to work around your schedule. The next time I need a crib. I'm calling Jon first.

Dharmesh P : 12-28-2011

Jon and Shilalis Real Estate are the combo you need in your hunt for a new place to live or a hunt for new tenants. He was extremely resourceful and professional to meet my required needs. The attention and service he was able to provide me could not be matched by anyone. He is a candid individual that I would feel proud to refer to friends and family and he is personable enough to get along with everyone. My impression of him and his business comes from directly working with him and let me tell you he delivered to a level greater than expected. Trust me you will be happy you contacted him!!

Cecilia 7-13-2011

Jon Shihalis is an excellent realtor. When I met him for the first time to view a couple of his apartment listings I found him to be smart, the ultimate professional, and a straight shooter. Should I need to rent again in the near future, or to buy for that matter I'm calling Jon.

Joel S 4-29-11

Very helpful, and made the process pain-free. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking at real estate in the area.

Carol W 4-10-11

Jon was the BEST. Super laid back, but really professional. He let us make our own decisions about the apartment we saw and didn't try and pressure us or anything. It was a breath of fresh air to work with him after dealing with other realtors who were super annoying and not helpful at all. And he found us a great place! Took the time to listen to our input and made really great suggestions. I would totally go back to him or recommend him to anyone.

Julie C 4-1-11

Jon is great to work with, and was so helpful in getting our Watertown apartment rented. He goes above and beyond - even with things he received no monetary compensation for. We'll definitely be doing business with Shilalis Real Estate again.

Elizabeth H 3-26-11

Moving from CT I didn't realize the apartment search was going to be so difficult. I went through many agents and Shilalis Real Estate was the ONLY one that took the time to really help me find something that I loved.

Gary 3-24-11

Can't say enough about Judy and Jon what an effort they put in to get my home rented in Newton. The fee was half-month's rent but it was well worth it. I'm convinced I was wasting my time in the past trying to rent this on my own..next time I'll use these professionals. It took about a month but I was impressed with the number of showings they did - many many lost count. Great people that work hard and are very honest and fair. They were able to get me great tenants for a long term lease..met my expectations which were very high. I would use them again without question.

Brianna M 3-23-11

With one weeks notice, high demands and a low budget; Shilalis real estate met all my needs and delivered in the timely fashion that was necessary. Mr. Shilalis was personable, friendly and accommodating to my particulars, particulars that many agents would have laughed, and frowned at. It is his commitment to each one of his clients, weather its a one room apartment, or a 5 bathroom Newton mansion that sets Shilalis Real Estate apart from the rest.

John P 3-20-11

Very helpful. I was renting an apartment in Newton. Shilalis Real Estate brought several good prospects and withing 48 hours had a lease agreement with an excellent tenant.

Allison - Feb 17, 2012

Jon was a pleasure to work with during our apartment search. He listened to our needs and preferences and didn't waste time trying to show us spots that wouldn't work. He also went to bat for both us and the property owner to ensure that the end arrangements would be best for all parties. We ended up with a great apartment! I highly recommend using Shilalis Real Estate for your housing needs. Matthew - Feb 11, 2012

Jon worked really hard for us and accommodated all our needs!

Kevin - Jan 4, 2012

Jon showed us multiple places that fit our preferences and worked with us when it was time to negotiate on an apartment we liked. Overall he was very responsive and helpful throughout the whole process. I definitely recommend working with him!

DFissel - Dec 13, 2011

I wanted to get off campus and move into an apartment and Jon helped me out a lot! He showed me multiple places and I found just the right one! We move in this week!

Francie S. - Dec 6, 2011

I am relocating from Chicago and found my new rental in Waltham through Jon. he went above and beyond, assuring me that some issues that needed to be addressed with the property would be taken care of before I move in and talking me through my moments of panic. highly recommended.

Tim R - Oct 23, 2011

John Shilalis was a great help in our apartment search. His firm in Watertown is one of the best my wife and I have worked with in our many apartments. We will be referring our friends and family to him every time they have to move. -Tim R.

Angela M. - Oct 20, 2011

Shamus Gallagher, very personable and professional. He met with us next day and took us though many beautiful apartments. We had a very short window as we were moving back up to Boston in 3 weeks. He walked us though all steps of the rental process and worked for us when it came time to negotiate with our future landlords on fees and lease agreements. We are so happy with our decision. I will definitely recommend Shamus to my friends and family. - Angela M

Chris - Oct 2, 2011

I accepted a job and had a short window to move to the area. Jon was very knowledgeable in the market and was able to show us multiple listings this weekend. He was very responsive to emails and calls and worked very hard to find our perfect spot. Very professional and highly recommended.

Katie - Oct 2, 2011

Jon was very resourceful and extremely knowledgeable with his territory. We made the trip from out of state and Jon was really helpful. He also did a fantastic job staying within our guidelines of what we were looking for and showed us some great apartments. I would recommend working with him!

Matt - Sep 17, 2011

Was in a tight situation where I needed to find a place ASAP. Emailed Jon and he took me out the next day to look at places. He made it a priority to find me exactly what I wanted and in the end got me a steal for my price range. Very personable and even showed me around the area in between looking at apartments due to the fact I was new to the area. In all - friendly, professional, and knowledgeable of the market.

Janelle - Sep 16, 2011

Jon Shilalis took me (same day as calling) to see some apartments in Watertown. Not only was I super comfortable around him immediately, he also took the initiative to show me comparable places in the area. I was able to find a place (with a very friendly landlord) and sign a lease within just a few days! I highly recommend. Thanks Jon!

ewill - Sep 3, 2011

Although Jon missed our initial appointment (which had been scheduled for a Sunday afternoon), he made up for it the next day by meeting with us and browsing one-by-one through the most recent listings. Before meeting with Jon, we had made calls on almost 90 apartments without success. Our criteria were quite difficult. Jon was the first person to offer to sit down with us and look through active listings. He found us a beautiful place that afternoon, and we signed a lease the next day. Highly recommended.

Vahik - Aug 24, 2011

Shamus Gallagher from Shalilalis Real Estate is one of the best rental agents I dealt with in last few years. He is efficient, courteous, and most importantly, he has a very good knowledge of the market he is serving. Shamus is very good in matching the correct apartment, landlord and tenants together. I will use his services again.

Priscilla - Aug 19, 2011

Shamus from Shalilalis Real Estate is incredibly well organized. My husband and I moved from San Francisco to Boston with no idea where were were going to live. Within 24 hours, Shamus helped us find the perfect home for our needs right within our price range! Thanks Shamus and Shilalis Real Estate!

Erik - Aug 1, 2011

These guys have the most comprehensive list of Watertown apartments. Jon Shilalis brought me out to see a bunch of apartments many of which were brand new listings and I was the first to see them. Great service and experience overall. Highly recommended.

Kelly - Jul 27, 2011

Working with Jon has been nice ans easy which is what you want in the frustrating apartment searching process. He responded quickly, found us exactly what we were looking for, and was straight to the point, most importantly. I would recommend working with this real estate company to any of my friends.